Sunday, July 27, 2008

Some Humorous Dealer Scams and Secrets

Whether they try to hook us with a "Push, Drag, or Pull" sale or guarantee to pay off our trade no matter how much we owe, car dealers often use less-than-honorable methods to get us to come down to their dealership.

This article talks about 10 of the best ones. I wanted to add a couple:

11) Special Inventory Sales - With this scam, an ad company advertises their "event" as something coming from someone else. "Trader Bob" or "Repo Harry" is in town with his traveling circus if cars that are, for some special reason, marked way down. They normally don't even mention the name of the dealership until the end, as it is a canned media production with the recipient dealer inserted at the tail.

In reality, they are bringing in 5 or 10 extra cars and just putting balloons and red tags in the cars that the dealer already has on the lot.

12) Lenders on Hand - This is probably my personal favorite; it makes me giggle every time. Bankers and lending institutions are sending representatives from across the country to sit in a tiny room and sign off on your loan application. It's hilarious.

Technically, the lenders are always at hand. The internet, fax, and telephone makes it to where 95% or more of the lending institutions in the industry can approve or deny a loan in minutes. There are special finance companies that have to verify information and take longer, but for the most part, anyone with decent credit or better can get an answer while they wait, despite the fact that the dealer doesn't have to have a representative from Ford Motor Credit in the closet to stamp his approval on a contract.

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