Thursday, September 13, 2007

From the Web: Mike Hamel Car Buying Tips

This blog was initially created as an insider's perspective on the car business to help consumers get the best deals from the dealers. As a former member of the industry, I felt I could offer everything that people would possibly need regarding advice.

From time to time, I come across articles that are insightful that I didn't write myself. Since this blog is about the consumer and not about me, I will occasionally post links to other author's work that I feel is pertinent and informative for people buying cars.

Instead of reposting their articles, I prefer to link to them. Most articles written and posted on the internet are done so to give links and credit to other websites. Since I do not endorse websites with which I am not familiar, I have decided to link directly to the articles themselves. That way, I am simply promoting the content and not necessarily the websites associated.

Read this article -- good stuff! Tips on Buying your Next Car

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