Thursday, November 27, 2008

Step by Step: The Car Buying Checklist

Many people feel that they know how to buy a car from a dealer. They've bought many cars in their lives and they "don't need no stinkin' advice" to make the best deal they can make.

Before you go into the process of purchasing a vehicle, remember 2 things:
  1. Regardless of how prepared you think you are, there's probably something you missed if you aren't systematic about it.
  2. Most people buy a car every 2-5 years. Most salespeople sell 2-5 cars a week. They have a little more experience than you on "the battlefield".
Here's a step-by-step checklist that briefly describes the process you should use before, during, and after making a car deal, whether you are working with Washington DC Dodge or Honda Dealers in Los Angeles.
Research Your Target Vehicles
This one seems like a no-brainer, but it's possibly the most important. Are you looking for something general, like a "low-mile import sedan" or something specific like a "new 2008 Honda Accord EX V6, Red". The internet is loaded with reviews and pricing guides to lead you in the right direction.

For new cars, make sure to visit the manufacturer's site to see what rebates and incentives are available. It can make a difference in your choice if you're considering multiple makes and models.
Secure Your Financing
It is amazing how many people start their loan process at the dealership. It's the lazy way out. FACT: Most dealers can get you a better rate than you can get elsewhere. FACT: Most dealers won't give you the best rate you can get if you don't have a better offer up front. Especially for used cars, get an idea from your bank, leasing company, credit union, or third party finance provider of what you qualify for based on your target vehicle. If you go in knowing what rate you should get, what term works for you, and what your approximate payment is, you can either negotiate a better rate at the dealer or have financing ready if they can't beat your rate.
Find Vehicle Candidates Online
The vast majority of dealer websites will have their inventory listed online. Use the search engines to find "Used Cars New Hampshire" or "Longview Texas Honda" to get a list of local dealerships that should have what you want. Check their inventory, then request a quote or call the dealership to verify availability. NEVER go to the dealership without making sure the vehicle you are considering is physically at the car lot. It also makes sense to get a vehicle history report on used cars as well.

You should also check out classified sites like CraigsList, Autotrader, Used Car Search,, and many of the other new and used car listing services. These will help you to sift through the dealer inventories and compare vehicles side by side. Need a new car? Get quotes from multiple dealers through lead services and car credit specialists that work with multiple dealers.

Perhaps most importantly on this point, expand your horizons. So many people search in a small radius. You have the internet. You can shop 20 dealer inventories in a couple of hours. Driving 100 miles -- pain in the rear, but hey, how often do you buy a car? Isn't it worth a longer drive to get the right deal?
Prep Your Trade-In
You've found some cars you like. You drive up, pick one out, get ready for the negotiations, and the salesperson asks you for the keys to your car. When he returns, you are one of the majority of people who isn't satisfied with what the dealer offers.

You can help this. It sounds simple, but pay attention. Before you go to the dealership, change your oil, empty the car out, and wash it. A full detail is preferred, but at the very least, make it clean. Make it smell good. Make it appear as close to immaculate as you can. Replace any inexpensive auto parts through national auto parts vendors or straight to Toyota Parts from the OEM.  A car that seems well cared for will get a higher trade value than one that does not have that "pampered" feel.

Check the value of your trade before going. You can use sites like Kelley Blue Book or Black Book, but your best bet is to get a real quote from a car buyer. Most areas have buyers like Car Cash New York. Find the one in your area and get a cash bid before heading out.
Price In Mind
Every car you are considering, whether new or used, has a market value. For used cars, it's normally somewhere below the average price listed on the classified sites above for similar vehicles to the one you're considering. For new, it can be anywhere between invoice and $1000 over invoice, depending on the demand of the vehicle. Some can be sold below invoice. More "in demand" vehicles can bring MSRP, though this is very rare.
At The Dealership
There are certain things to remember when you're at the dealership. Several articles can be written about what to do when you're there, how to inspect a preowned vehicle, negotiating techniques, finance office advice, and everything else that happens at the dealership itself. Instead of stuffing details into this article, we'll list a few pointers to remember:
  • Just about everything is negotiable. The price, the trade value, the interest rate, the extended warranty -- most dealerships will work with you on everything that you want to work on.
  • Avoid payment negotiations. If you go in knowing that a $9,000 car with $1,000 warranty on a 48 month loan at 7.9% with no trade or cash down should be a few dollars under $250 per month, then there's no need to freak out when they tell you on the sales floor that your payments will be $270. They are simply padding your payment expectations so the finance manager has room to negotiate interest rate and add-ons. No worries. Everyone has the right to try to make money. They just don't have to make it all on you.
  • Remember, you are in control. You're the buyer. You can walk out on a deal at any time prior to signing the papers and driving away. Don't feel pressured to make a move you don't want to make, but also, don't hesitate on a great deal. If it's great, make the deal.
  • Have fun! Sounds hard when buying a car, but the internet has changed the business for many car dealers. It's ultra-competitive now, so many dealerships are shifting towards a customer service attitude instead of a shark mentality. If you go in with the right attitude, it will probably be a smooth transaction. If things get fishy or turn towards high pressure, remember the advice bullet above. You are in control. You can always find a dealer that will work with you.
After the Deal
Again, this could be a long section, but we'll keep it to one or two paragraphs. File your paperwork in a safe place. You may need it later. Set your online (or, gulp, offline) calendars to the important dates -- payments due, scheduled maintenance, end of warranty, etc. Follow up on anything that is owed to you -- they may not call you when the add-on MP3 player you bought comes in, so be sure to keep in touch.

Get involved with automotive forums, become a member of an auto club, and check out any programs that the manufacturer has for owners. There is normally great information as well as piece of mind that can be gained through these types of services.

Perhaps most importantly, talk about your experience. If it was a bad one, make sure people know (even though if it was a bad experience, you should have walked away before finishing the deal). If it was a good one, make sure EVERYONE you like knows about it. This is the 21st century. There are automotive blogs and review sites that can really get the word out. Whether they were good or bad, make sure to share the information. The more people know about a dealership, the better.

Also, the more people who talk/rate/blog about their experience, the closer we will get as a society to having dealers who are conscious of their customers' needs. It will happen some day. The more that people communicate about the good and bad dealers, the better off all of us will be in the long run.

* * *

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Anonymous said...

Just watch out for magnussens toyota in auburn california.. Total CIRCUS scene.. They sprayed oil into my spark plugs after leaving my car overnight then pitched a salespitch about how i needed a valve job as it started hard and smoked(never had before or after that moment) before my warranty ran out in a few weeks.. Just trying desperatley to make money off my extra care warranty dishonestly.. Also thier salespeople are CLOWNS hustlers and charlatains..

Anonymous said...

One of the g3 creative bangers required replacing and bought a real bargain via

Allison Baxter said...

Great post. You might also like this buying a new car checklist video that gives visuals for some of the details you mentioned.

Anonymous said...

In many places, especially outside major cities, the car dealerships have NOT switched to a “customer service” mentality. Or at the very least, they only seem to have done so. Make no bones about it – car dealerships are set up to give the salesmen reason to F*** you as hard as they can. And then you go into your financing negotiations. This is a good post, but I would add some additional tips for dealing with salesmen and the car sales process: (1) NEVER let them take your keys, not even for a minute, not even to “check out your trade in while you talk about the new car.” Basically, car salesmen, especially the sales managers, are negotiators, and they have entire panoply of heavy-handed negotiation tactics at their disposal. If they take your keys, you can’t leave, which makes it that much easier for them to brow beat you into buying a car. For whatever they want your keys, show them yourself without handing over the keys. Maybe it will result in a lower trade in value – but you can always walk away. (2) If they leave you sitting alone for a while, don’t just sit and wait. You know that big mirror over on one wall? That’s where the sales office is. While you are sitting and waiting for them to “work out the numbers,” they are back they talking about how their kids did in math class this semester, whether the Pats are going to the Super Bowl next year, and about how hard they are F***ing you in the @$$. Get up. Walk back there. Poke your head in and say, “Hey, what are you guys doing? I don’t have time to sit around all day – you have five minutes to decide if you want to sell me this car, otherwise I’m leaving.” If they make you wait more than five minutes, leave. They’ll come RUNNING to get you, especially if it’s a slow day (i.e. winter or weekdays). (3) don’t be afraid to walk away. Their biggest tool is getting you emotionally invested in the car, so you’ll be more impulsive, if you don’t like how things are going down, leave. At worst, you don’t buy a car at that dealership. At best, they offer you a better deal. The key is to remember this is business, not personal. Take feelings out of the equation. Not to be sexist, but don’t take your wife/girlfriend to the negotiation – women (in my experience) tend to have more trouble separating their emotions from the item to be purchased than men. That’s just a gross generalization and not something that is written in stone – the point is, take away the emotions from the deal. And finally (4) the finance guy is also a salesman – he wants to sell you financial product at the highest gain to the dealership. Remember these magic questions and ASK THEM: Is that they lowest interest rate I qualify for? What is the lowest interest rate I qualify for? May I see the approval document that shows the lowest interest rate I qualify for? If they give you flak on any of these questions, they are in violation of federal law (I believe it’s the fair lending act or something – someone chime in, please), and you probably don’t want to deal with them. However, you can point out their violation of federal law and see where it gets you – they might bend over backwards to avoid the treble damages involved. Sorry this is so long.

Liquid said...

Also, when buying a new car, remember that the price they give you out on the lot doesn't include any of the extras. Power windows, locks, seats, AC, Better Speakers, etc. When buying new, make sure the *final* price is under your limit.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that some dealerships have to try to use every trick in the book and leave you feeling like you've been hoodwinked. It's happened to me. The last car I bought was a lot better, though. Felt real good after I bought it. Wish it could always be like that.

Anonymous said...

Before I bought my last car a co-worker (a former car salesman) advised me to know what I was willing to pay and be willing to walk.

One dealership didn't like what I offered to pay and let me walk. The other dealership did the whole "I'll talk to the manager." then appeared to let me walk.

As I left the office to go home, another salesperson we worked with intercepted me in the parking lot and ultimately took the sale at the price I originally offered.

Anonymous said...

...or just do it all online and via email first. Salesmen on the lot are commissioned based on price. Salesmen online are commissioned based on volume. When I walk in to the dealership I am signing paperwork that has already been prepared on a deal I have already negotiated.

Anonymous said...

"""or just do it all online and via email first"""

Amen to that. I've been dealing with fleet managers for a while, but just bought my first used car since when I was a kid. I did internet searches and such until I found the car I wanted, negotiated price with the saleman via email and when I went to the dealership it was a matter of test driving for verification of his claims and signing the paperwork.


Anonymous said...

Well, reading that was a complete waste of time. There was no information about the mind tricks dealers play on buyers, or how to negotiate to pay rock bottom - short of 'make sure your trade-in is clean'. I mean, come-on!

steph said...

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Dave Nofmeister said...

Be sure on a trade in to negotiate the best trade in price before negoating on the new car. A lot of times, that is where they make most of their money.

Anonymous said...

Always find out the true value of the car you want,it may take time to get a feel for price v odometer reading and general condition.The biggest thing is always organise finance first.You dont buy a house without knowing what you can aford,dont buy a car only to find out you cant aford to drive it.
Sometimes the dealer will as part of chit chat what you want the car for,work,travel ect,then suggest this car over here,"its a bargain",if you are set on make and model,stay firm.
look for common faults of the car you want,someone who can fix it well and in a price you can afford,then use it against the dealer or look for heavly discounted one because of these faults,as long as it all adds up.
If you are trying to find a bargain then things like finding a repituble paint shop and getting a costing of a good paint job,(check quality of the work being done in the paint shop for a idea if the job is going to be worthwile),can be handy if the dream rig appears at a great price but looks...well you get the idea.

Vee said...

I have to laugh out loud at some of your comments. "Mind Tricks"??? LOL - salesman are not magicians. Is everyone under the impression that a dealership is out to screw you in every way possible? I mean, I just found out the other day that a dealership is really a for-profit organization - holy crap! They are actually in business to make a profit. Imagine that. Yeah, it was a shocker to me as well. Thank God I walked. Them ba$tard$ weren't going to make any money off of me. I'm a smart, educated, online consumer, by god.

Anonymous said...

This is crazy. I'm going through and reading all of your comments and its not making any sense. I'm an internet mgr. at a car dealership and I've heard the stories and rumors that you guys are talking about. I have an idea. Do your research first. With soooo much information being available to customers online, its your own fault if you go to a sleazy dealership and get ripped off. There are a ton of good dealerships out there that make fair deals with all of their customers and everyone wins in the deal. The dealer makes a little money, the customer actually gets a better rate than what their lender would give them and they get a great vehicle. You guys talk about auto dealers ripping off people but what about banks??? They charge a processing fee as well!! Credit card companys too. In stead of beating up dealers why not beat up you credit card company for a lower rate. They can drop the rate as well. How about the next time you go to purchase a computer, game , cd, dvd, gallon of gas or milk try to negotiate the price on those items as well and see how the retailer will look at you. Please tell me what other retail venue negotiates the sale price of their product. I talk to alot of people that hate the way a new car depriciates. Guess what, the public is what dictates the value and prices of used cars. Not the dealers! I know that there is alot of misleading marketing and adverstising going on out their. You have to be realistic when your are buying a vehicle. You know that a vehicle with more bells and whisles is going to cost more than the one with out. Why would you try to begin negotiating that way then. Trying to buy a car that cost $25,000 and wanting to pay $300 dollars a month for it. And then tell the salesmen you want to finance it for 60 months. Do the math. I get crazy offers like this all the time. I ask myself, what planet do these people live on. Another tip, just because you owe more on your vehicle than its actually worth doesn't mean you can get your payoff for the trade in value. I'll give you an example. A guy came into my office and wanted to trade his truck in on a new. No problem right, Wrong! He told me the year, make and model and I assumed the trade in was paid for or maybe he owed a little on but not much. The truck was 12 years old with 197,000 miles and he still owed $14,000 dollars on it and he wanted a $275 payment. The guy had $200 a month in negative equity that he was trying to roll over into the new truck and when I tried to explain this to him he got very upset. I showed him the price of the new truck with out his trade and it was only a few grand more than what he owed on his. To sum things up try to do your research and take a look at your budget and see what you can afford instead of not knowing. I always try to educate my customers on buying a car. A good rule of thumb is for every $1000 you finance, your looking at about $20.00 a month in payment with average credit and average term which is about 60 months. $10,000 is $200 a month, $15,000 is 300 a month and so on. If you extend your term you payment will drop around $30-$50 dollars. People, its only math, not rocket science.

Anonymous said...

I almost forgot one other thing. When you are buying a car, unless you are paying cash for it, there is another party thats involved. There called the Bank. The other person who wrote the comment about being in a rush and not waiting probally doesn't understand that. In alot of cases the managers are fighting to get an approval from the bank on your car loan or their trying to beat your rate that you came in with instead of rushing you into the finance office without the approval and putting you on the road only to have you come back in a couple of weeks and tell you that you payment went up by $50-$100. Remember, that this is something you are going to be paying on for the next 4-5 years so make sure that you get the vehicle you like and can afford and make sure the terms are right for you. Like I tell all of my customers, its alot easier to make a payment on something that you love than to make a payment on something you don't like. =)

Anonymous said...

Car dealerships charge a DOC fee. Some places it can be as high as 500 clams.

It's bull that you pay it and if it means going to another dealership, do it.

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Gene said...

I think the most important thing is to be ready to get up and walk out. It's amazing how something that wasn't negotiable suddenly becomes negotiable once you're halfway through the door.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Car Shopping said...

Love these Tips, these will definitely be put to good use!

AutoSelect said...

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Kathy said...


dnassief said...

You really brought everything into perspective with your comment about how often consumers typically buy cars versus how often salespeople sell cars. Salespeople certainly could have the upper hand but in my 22+ years of experience in the automobile industry, I've seen plenty of shoppers that are well-prepared to purchase a car. What those shopers have done is a substantial amount of homework about the features and options of the car they are looking at, suggested MSRP, financing options, warranties, dealer specials, etc. In my opinion, they come to the table armed with knowledge which allows them to take that systematic approach you spoke of and make a comfortable and knoweldgeable buying decision. Access to information is easy these days so my best advice it to take advantage of what is available and learn as much as you can before you pay a visit to your local car dealer.

Anonymous said...

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