Sunday, August 5, 2007

How Car Dealers Get You to Buy

What a great story that I found on Digg. It falls into the category of, "man, I wish I wrote that!" Has insights that are both true and useful for car buyers of all types: new, used, program, certified preowned, demos... whatever you buy, read this article.It is strictly for those working with car dealers, so if you're in the market for a car from an individual, this isn't the article for you. If you are heading to the dealership anytime soon, please read this (and other articles on this page, of course).

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Anonymous said...

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Leisa Dreps said...

Aww. The article redirects to the main page of the site. I wish the link was still alive. People who are looking forward to buying a car from a dealer will certainly get good tips from it, judging by the number of tips you can find from that site. Thanks for sharing the link anyway. Kudos!

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Wheel Alignment Equipment said...

Dealing with a dealer scares a lot of would-be customers when it need not. The key is doing your research on the vehicle of your choice before you go to a lot.